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Introducing George and Ralph!

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George is the bright green opaline

Ralph is the sky blue yellowface type 2 opaline

and here they are together, just chillin

They're surprisingly friendly so I'm guessing their previous owners treated them kindly If you go over and say hello George comes over and looks at you, then gives a little fluff-shake and all is good

They started eating millet right away then dove for the seed dishes, exploring their new cage setup

So far no interest in the pellets or veggies but we have time
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Ohh! They're beautiful!
I love green budgies.
Cute names too! :)
stunning birds! they are so beautiful!:lovehearts:

are they tame?
thanks! :)

Ella, sort of :p they are tamer than any pet store budgie and I think within even a couple days of just getting used to our routines they'll be pretty tame :)

they have very little fear of hands, they didn't mind at all when i took out the perch they were on in the carrier and put it in their new cage
Lovely little guys!:)
They are both beautiful!
Congrats :)
George and Ralf are beautiful! Congrats :)
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