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Introducing Millie and Niblet

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We got Millie aka Willie (now DNA sexed) last March. She was a year old. She came from a home that the owner claimed to have 80 birds and she was the only linnie. I didn't know a bird could be so frightened. It took at least two months before she began to feel comfortable with us. We are retired and able to dedicate allot of time to her. We sang, whistled (I can't whistle and Millie looks at me when I try as if to say "that's pathetic":lol:) and hummed. We talked and included her in our activities even while she was in the cage.
It was worth every minute. She transformed into a darling. In fact, recently she has gained enough courage to make friends with other people which I think is amazing. She still is shy and quiet but fully able to let us know what she wants.
As we have a couple to trips planned in the near future, one in November for 4 days and one in January for about two weeks, we decided that to prevent her from being devastated at being left, she needed a mate.
I met Ineke on another forum (thanks Nick!) and she had a clutch of linnies that hatched in June. We visited and choose a creamino who DNA tested as a male. We named him Niblet.
Ineke has many birds and they are wonderful. Her baby linnies are adorable. She is a great birdie Mom. The proof of that was in how easily Niblet adapted. Unfortunately the quarantine period was trashed early and once they discovered each other it was pretty well love at first sight.
Niblet is an adorable, cuddly bird, who loves to be with Millie but like Millie enjoys his time with us too. So here are my darlings :lovehearts:


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Oh they are both adorable! I am still learning about Linnies but realize how special they are!
And darlings they are!!! That third picture is really special.
Hi Cess, so glad you joined! Millie and Niblet are as cute as ever! I love the first picture!:thumbsup:
Hello Cess, glad to see you here :biggrin5:, and of course, Millie and Niblet are as adorable as ever :lovehearts:
They are both adorable! Gorgeous pair :lovehearts:
Your birds are gorgeous! I love Niblet's colour.
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