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Introducing my little flock!

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Thought I would take a minute to tell you about the parrots who own me.
Mr Peepers....a GCC, my sweet little clown, 4 years old

This is Jussy, my Lovie baby that was hatched here and hand fed by me...needless to say, she is my precious baby!

These two, Peepers & Jussy, are constant companions, joined at the wings, preening each other all day, and recently moved in together. It's ridiculous!

The Parrotletts! A constant source of laughter....Loki is 15 months and Tucker is 10 months old...

Jad, my handsome, neurotic boy! About 9 years old

My precious Tiels....each with their own story before got to to their forever home...
Tweety just turned 20 years old! He loves to whistle Andy Griffith and dance on my finger....(he looks sorta like a little old man huh?)

Smokey of the sweetest babies ever

...and Einey (Einstein) Funny fella! Loves to be with you!

My Budgie Boys....Bebop, the blue fella, has no clue he's a Budgie and is everybirdies friend....he insists on it. JT is a newcomer and finally bonded with Bebop. JT is a bit mentally challanged though I think LOL

Peaches, my mama Lovie. This is a story unto it's self... we recently lost our beloved male Lovie "Little" and she is still in mourning (as am I) Peaches is the beautiful green Peach Faced and her hubby Little...

I hope I did not take up too much room!. They all live in harmony in one big bird room...I'll make another thread about that later if interested. Thanks for meeting my feathered kids!
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Oh, what a beautiful flock! Welcome to the forum!! I'd love to see photos of your bird room and hear about your set-up! Right now, the birds in my house are split upstairs and down but when I get a new place I hope to have a bird room too!
All of your birds are beautiful Heidy. I love the tilt of Peepers head in the first picture. He has such an inquiring look about him. I would love to see a video of your bird room.
Yea I wanna see ur birdroom too!

Ooo, I almost forgot to include my GodFids! This is Diva Parsley.....

This beauty lives in Maryland with nancy
And this is Nikki! She visits me all the time for several days!

Thanks you guys!
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Am I jealous! All those neat birds and a bird room. It gives hope, I will keep dreaming.
Awwww, your flock is beautiful, and BIG, lol. They must keep you very busy :lovehearts:
You have a beautiful flock! I wish my green cheek was sweeter. He is very smart and can talk quite a bit, but he's not very loveable.
Nice flock, I would love to see your bird room set up, one day I will share my birdroom pictures.
Such a beautiful flock! I'm jealous you can have so many! I would love to have a large flock like you do. Thanks for sharing!
Your birds are all so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!! :)

I, too, would love to see your bird room. :D
I just wanted to make sure that those who wanted to see my bird room did not miss this thread....
Thank you all for the very nice welcome!
You have a beautiful flock. Such lovely colours that go so well together:)
Wow, you have a stunning flock! :lovehearts:
Wow, I'm jealous! I would love a gcc, but I've been told I can't have anymore until I move out on my own :( Beautiful flock!
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