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Introducing Willow

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I picked up my new baby today, a little green Quaker. I am extremely happy with how well socialized he is and how responsive he has been to us. He was hatched on August 17, 2009 and hand fed from an early age. I was impressed with the breeder and all of her birds. I went expecting to get "Cisco" who is an older sibling, but this one responded to me so much better and showed he was willing to go home with me. We have pretty much decided on "Willow" as the name. We are calling him a boy, but the name will work no matter what is revealed in the years to come.

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Aw what a cutie :) Congrats! Willow is a lovely name :)
Cute!!! I love Willow!! Meg's pretty cute too.
How cute! I love quakers! Congrats on the new addition to the family! Looks like he fits in great already :wink:
Willow is so cute! And a great name
Congrats what a cutie. My husband would love her, he is looking for a young Quaker at the moment.
Very cute :) Glad everything worked out.
Thansk for sharing the pics, How adorable is he
He/she is adorable :lovehearts:Still looks like a baby. It's such a good idea to let the bird decide who they want to live with :thumbsup:
How cute!!!! He still has those baby looks :lovehearts:. :congr8:to you and your family. :biggrin5:
awww congrats :)
feel free to post ALOT more pictures of that cutie
Quakers can be one of the most overall fun parrots.
I love those little birds.
Congrats, you're going to be real happy.
Congrats on your new baby! So cute.
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