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It's Spike

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Let me out

Spike checking out my new duvet cover and sheets, I think he likes them :p

Oops I almost stepped on one :p

Hmmm nice colours

Iam still cuter though :p

Playing with the coconut toy

I had to hold him, he would not sit on the net :rolleyes:
Is this a nest box?

Who are you?

My Brother got me this baby parrot toy for Christmas. He said he seen it and had to get it for me.
Keeping clean

and last but not least, Spike's third eyelid :eek:

If you look closely you can see it over half of his eye.
I hope you like Spike's new photos, I think I have a photo of every part of Spike now :p
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Awww, Spike is adorable!!
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