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We have 2 Kak's that we have owned for about 3 months. Woody and Jessie, not sure of the sexes to be honest, purchased from different Pet Shops as we could not find a local breeder (have now and bought a couple of Cockatiels from her) - but my question is, Woody has always been a bit fiesty, loves flying about, being the "boss" pretty much over the other 4 birds we have.

We let our birds have control over our dining and kitchen room (2 rooms knocked into one) so the birds all get about 6-7 hours free-flight/play time. We dont keep any dangerous foods around, no chemicals etc.. nothing that they can get to so Im not suspecting anything like that - yet.

I saw woody in our hallway, quietly "sat" on the floor, eyes half shut like he was dozing off and thought nothing of it, until the wife came home from her mums and woody was still sat on the carpet. Never being able to get anywhere close to woody, let alone touch him, he allowed me to stroke his neck and even pick him up (he walked onto hand) and has remained quite docile for about an hour now.

Managed to put him down somewhere safe, leaving a bowl of food and water near him - seems to be ignoring it, though normally he's a bit of a scoffer.

He did a poo on my hand, a bit of green - but a lot of clear liquid and its got me questioning either (1) has he just become "people" friendly after these 3 months or (2) do you think that there is something wrong with him.

its a bit of a worry as I've become quite attached to him and his personality so if anyone can advise, that would be great. Thanking you in advance! :)
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