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Here's Kayto, he'll be two years old in December. I apologize for some of the picture's quality. Some of them were taken with my cell phone as i just got new batteries for camera today and before that i was without it for a couple months! Either way they're not that good. Looking at getting a new camera in the next couple months. Anyway here are the pics. Sorry if i got a little carried away.

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Aww he's so cute! He looks like he loves the camera as well :)
Thanks for sharing!
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Kayto is ADORABLE! I love the name, too! :D
i believe this cutie deserves a big AWWW
One of my favorite species , all on one page :lovehearts:
Very, VERY adorable! :D I love it! Tsk tsk, so naughty pulling up the laptop keys. :p

Thank you for sharing.
:yikes: I want one!! beautiful, absolutely beautiful. :lovehearts:
Beautiful! I absolutely adore senegals! :lovehearts: Naughty boy, taking your laptop keys!
Haha, yea he can be a bum sometimes. Luckily they're easy to get back on most of the time. :)
Kayto is so handsome! I am in love with my Senegal, Cayenne. They are amazing birds! Thanks for sharing pics. And they are very good quality. I use my phone camera also, hey it works.
Such a great bird! And awesome pictures! What kind of phone is that? It takes great pictures!
It's a Sony Ericsson k850i. I want the Sony Eriricsson X1 lol
He's adorable. I love the close ups, he's so bright eyed. You know you love a bird when you let them take your computer apart. :p
:giggle:Let's see what's under this laptop key :p. Kayto is a handsome boy :lovehearts:
I know that bird. A little stinker. Kind of like you Meghan. :D
I love the first picture and the one where they are tearing up the laptop buttons :lol: He's absolutely stunning
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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