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Lagoon and SPCA photos

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This is just an assortment of pics that I took when I was at the lagoon and when I was volunteering at the SPCA.

Enjoy! :giggle:


This guy hangs around hoping he'll get feed:

I was able to release this black and white pigeon after it recovered, and it made friends with the rock pigeon:

These two puppies were badly mistreated, luckily now they have lovely homes:

This photo I just love:


Cygnets and their mother:

Goose flapping it's wings. I quite like this shot, although the beak is just fitting in:

This goose was inseperable from 2 swans. When 1 swan died, the other flew away, leaving the white goose alone. Now he's friends with 2 canada geese, and protects them at all costs!

Canada goose:

Pied shag in flight:

Hope you enjoyed the pics! :lol:
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Wonderful shots!:) I instantly fell in love with that black & tan adorable! Thank you for sharing!
wonderful shots! I espeically loveeee the puppies
Great shots! We saw huge flocks of Canadian Geese in fields along the river last week. We also have swans that our left in the river during the summer to breed and then housed for the winter. They are beautiful and so cute with their babies.
Great pictures! All the animals are so cute :)
Great pics :biggrin5:. I live by the beach and right between 2 lakes, that are home to many ducks and geese. They go walkabout every day visiting us humans, and when they have babies ( there's been plenty of them this year) it's so cute the way they waddle along in a long line of little yellow fluff balls :lovehearts: The only thing I don't like is when they poo on my lawn. :giggle:
Great pictues, I love the one of the goose flapping his wings.
What cute puppies. I am so glad they now have happy homes. Thank you for the work you do at the SPCA.
Thanks for all your comments.

I love photography, and love animals and working at the SPCA, so taking these shots was my idea of heaven!
Terrific shots. I like the rock pigeon. Beautiful colouring.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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