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Larry The Cockatiel Loves Head Scritches

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This is one of my new baby 'tiels, well sort of new, he's been home for a bit over a month I think now.. he's such an adorable baby! If I had to guess I'd say he's around 9-10 weeks old, maybe a bit older but he still has a really baby face.

He's whistling, and trying to master the heart wings and beak banging right now, both which he gets really frustrated if he can't do them. :rofl:

Anyway, photos say it all.. :lovehearts:


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awww! The last picture is so cute!
Awww Larry is soo cute! Remindes me of hugs when he's alone. He's such a cuddle bug but now thats hes back in with the flock he can't be bothered
Lol, he's the same sometimes. :)

I am so glad we got him though.. I couldn't ask for a sweeter 'tiel. :swoon:
He's so cute! :lovehearts: His coloring reminds me of my Piglet.
Yeah I was gonna say he looks like your 'tiel. :lovehearts:
:giggle: Cute pics. Are you sure Larry is a "he", or are you going by the whistling?
The breeder I got him from knows what sex the baby 'tiels are once they pair their Cockatiels together (to breed) so they know from the father and mothers mutation and he's 100% male.
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