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Leila's Adventure Outside!

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I got my Aviator Harness yesterday, I tested it on one of the baby 'tiels first (Larry) and then I successfully got it on Leila.

I let her have a look at it, put it on her cage for awhile and then got her out, gave her kisses and cuddles and put it on her, she was fine with that until it was actually on her and then she started going all psycho. So I left it on her, gave her scritches for awhile until she realized it wasn't going to hurt her.. walked around inside the house (she was on my shoulder) then we went outside - she was so good, she was talking to all the birds, wandering around in the grass and she only once stopped and got distracted by the harness and started chewing it.. and she didn't try and fly away at all. I'm gonna try again tomorrow, and I might even take her for a walk, but we'll have to see. She was quite happy to sit on my shoulder while we sat in the front yard watching people, cars and birdies fly by.. she even got to see a Cockatoo!

I got loads of photos...

As you can see, the harness ruffled her feathers quite a bit.
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Leila is to cute :lovehearts: I'm glad she liked it better than Larry :giggle:

Looks like she had a blast outside! I wish my budgies were tame enough to do that...
What a beautiful bird she is :biggrin5: I bet she had a blast outside too. :)
Oh, glad she enjoyed it! That's pretty much exactly how Goober was - I just rolled her around and snuggled her when she was relaxed and clipped it on, but as soon as it was on, she freaked a bit. After a little cuddling, she was fine with it, occasionally chewing it. She's worn it once or twice a week for... 2-3 weeks now? She doesn't even chew on it anymore! :thumbsup:

She looks like she had so much fun in the grass! I'm going to have to try that with Goober now! :lol:
Oh my beating heart, what a sweetie! I love the harness look! :lovehearts:
WTG Leila :thumbsup: She looks quite comfy in it, I'm glad it was a good experience for you both. :biggrin5: Leila can be a model harnesse's now:giggle:, she already has the beautiful looks. :lovehearts:
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