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Leila's Growing Up!

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She turns 3 months old in 2 days - I got her when she was a wee 7 weeks old. :(

After I had put all the other fids in bed last night, I got Leila out and brought her into the lounge room with me for awhile since it was the coolest place in the house and she was really hot so I didn't want to handle her much - I managed to get a few photos of her.. so enjoy!

Sorry about the crappy quality..

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Adorable little birdie. :biggrin5: I think she's ready for her first model contest. :biggrin5: BTW the quality is not crappy.
Oh, she's just so precious :lovehearts:
That little birdy is just stunning.
i agree, she'd make a beautiful model, she's just a little poser :lol:

Very pretty bird, I'm so jealous!
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