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Linnie behavior?

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Are linnies easy to tame?
Are you aggressive like lovebirds?
Should I buy a male or female based on behavior?

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Linnie's are generally very passive. Once they feel comfortable with you they love to cuddle give and get kisses, preen your hair and do whatever you're doing. They are not demanding and can be tamed. But as I'm not familiar with lovebirds, I don't know the difference in taming ability.
Linnies are great :D My linnie Storm loves everyone :)
I have heard they are very sweet and i want to see them when my bird farm gets a clutch.
I bought my linnie when she was a year old and she had not been handled much. She still hates hands most of the time but she is very tame and loves to snuggle.
Linnies are very mellow and sweet birds, even when they aren't tame. They are nowhere near as bossy or aggressive as a parrotlet or a lovebird! :thumbsup: I'm on my third linnie and even when my male decides to be bossy it only lasts for a minute or two and he forgets :lol:
so which would you recomend, male or female?
I don't really think there is a difference in the two, really. Males might be a little more aggressive during their tweens and breeding season, but females can be more nesty and possession aggressive lol. I would look into what is available around you and just select one on his/her personality :thumbsup: Melinda has her babies hatching now and her little ones are WONDERFULLY socialized and friendly and I believe she's local in San Diago for you!
My Linnie is tame but will bite when s/he doesn't like something you're doing. lol Lovebirds can be a little aggressive. I've had many in the past, even my hand fed Lovebirds would bite. :) But they are beautiful. So both are great pets if hand fed & handled but Linnies I think would be easier to handle. :)
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