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Linnies Jade and Jesse's Breeding journal

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Hi! My Linnies, Jade and Jesse are currently on their third clutch. I thought I'd start a journal here so everyone can get a better idea of what Linnies are like.
Jade has laid 6 eggs and they are all fertile! It takes about 21 days for an egg to hatch. If everything goes well, egg #1 should hatch Saturday the 10th, #2 the 12th, #3 the 13th, #4 the 15th, #5 the 17th and #6 on the 18th.
Here's some pictures and video:
[ame=""]YouTube - "Eggnant" Jade[/ame]
[ame=""]YouTube - Baby moving inside egg[/ame]
[ame=""]YouTube - Baby moving in egg #2[/ame]


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Oh my gosh I am in love:lovehearts:, what a pretty bird Jade is, her eyes are what did it for me :p

I'm so excited to follow this, thank you for sharing :)
Awwwe How cute. Can't wait to follow this breening journal.
This will be fun to follow. Thanks for sharing!
Great to see your journal here too, Melinda! Can't wait to see the babies! :lovehearts:
No babies yet. The waiting is hard. The first one could hatch any day now.:waiting:
your soo lucky!
congrats on the eggs!

im currently saving for a linnie of my own , but now its a bit back tracked because i need Mumble to see the vet :(

Good luck and PLEASE keep us updated
you just have to love the start of a new life
So cute, you will have alot of babies this weekend to keep you occupied. Thanks for sharing.
Aww how cute! Great picture of inside the egg! I cant wait to hear more!
Today was the day!! Jade and Jesse's first egg hatched! :thumbsup: Here's a video of Jade feeding her new baby. I love the cute peeping sounds the babies make. Turn up the volume to hear the adorable peeping sounds. Jade is such a good mama. She didn't mind me watching her. Now the wait for the rest of the babies continues.....
[ame=""]YouTube - Jade feeding her first baby[/ame]
Jade came out for a bit tonight so I got a couple pics and another video of the new baby.
[ame=""]YouTube - Baby #1 is here!![/ame]


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awww what little cuties!
Aww how cute and tiny! Congrats on baby number one!
How cute!
Congrats on the new baby!
Thanks for sharing, he's adorable! :D
baby eggs are the craziest looking things!! WOW!!
Thank you for sharing, that was so interesting to watch her and the new baby. I put my two linnies together 3 months ago, I don't know their sex but I think they are both males.
Wow....that is so neat. Thanks for sharing!
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