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Linnies or cockatiels

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Hello! I am wanting to get a bird soon and am wondering what the best bird would be for me, I’m currently debating about linnies and cockatiels. But other suggestions are welcome as well!

a little bit about me, I have misophonia. Misophonia means that i develop a hyper focus for some sounds, like chewing. This can cause extreme discomfort and even anger toward certain sounds which I why I prefer a quieter bird. In my home there is one other pet, which is a chicken. It was kind of an accident but she is way to attached to us now so I guess she lives inside. She also makes loud noises but I don‘t experience this as unpleasant. I value the speech of a bird, I am very fond of music and it would be nice if the bird did too and maybe could talk a few words. I am also in high school which I expect to graduate next year, therefore I’ll most likely have to move and find a household that accepts birds.
I know that’s quite a lot of info but I hope some experienced bird owners can give me advice. Thanks in advance.
Im still researching about both birds so if anyone knows any articles or tips themselves about their care I’d love to hear them.
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