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I adopted a military macaw yesterday. His name is Cooper, and apparently his previous owners fed him rice and sunflower seeds. He refuses everything that I've offered so far.
He is 12 years old, perfect feather, grooms like a healthy macaw would but he is skinny, and his feathers are "huffed" alot of the time. I need help figuring out how to get him switched from sunflower seeds to the nutritional food that will help him to get well.
Any help would be much appreciated. I've had parrots for years but have never come across this before.
Thank you!

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Offer him everything you can ... eat in front of him and then reach over and offer him something you are eating, like carrot or apple or grapes etc.... see if he's interested in tasting because you are eating it. I would get some pellets, you can call up ''Harrison's'' bird food company and ask for free samples of pellets for your bird and see if you can bribe him with that daily. They will give you sample packs of the pellet size made especially for mil-macaw's.

I have seen the pickiest bad eaters start eating fruits and veg if they are in the birds cage or space daily. Don't give up.... just keep getting the birds attention and offer more and more. If you have to buy some shelled sunflower seeds without salt and stick them in foods like broccoli stalks or jam them in carrots/apple or other fresh foods. It will make the bird dig out the seed but they get a taste of the fresh foods as well and then will start eating the fresh stuff because it tastes good!

Best of luck to you.
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