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Mango is

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Talking!! WOOHOO! He says "pretty bird" and man is it cute coming from a little robot voice & such a small bird as a "P'let". LOL

At first I was like OMG did he just talk to me, he walked right up to me & said it, just like I do to him. LOL Then he said it 2 more times very clearly. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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Too cute, congrats! Don't you just love the way ther lift their little wings when they talk? :lovehearts:
Yes I love it. As if to say "look at me". lol I love the voice that they talk cute. I'm in love!!!
awww! too cute , congrats!
I'm jealous. :p I think Millie says 'Niblet' but it could be anything or nothing. Niblet says what sounds like 'hi there' but :shrug: Oh well, I love even if they never talk :lovehearts:
It's a moment I'll never forget when my budgie said his first word.
Parrots talking never ceases to amaze me, and the fact that even the smallest little things can utter human words!
I know it's all mimicry, but it's still pretty cool, although I love them anyway!

Congrats, it's a pretty big thing when your parrot talks, kinda like a baby saying its first word.

Any chance of a video?? :lol:
I don't have a video camera....sorry.
Thanks adorable :)
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