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Mango's morning routine

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every morning, it's my highlight :D she sits next to me and plays with the ear buds and then munchs away, poos in freshly washes hair and then goes back to her cage....

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Mango is so cute! :lovehearts: I love the last picture!
Mango is adorable :)

Sounds like she has the morning routine down :p
she is so pretty and she looks like she is always smiling!:)
Awww Mango is a sweet baby, ever pretty. BTW -- I have a Mango. ;)
Mango is adorable. :lovehearts:

I did have to scroll down to the pic to find out what ear buds were. :biggrin5:
Yes me too, i thought she meant ear buds that go in your IPod, haha but she meant Q-Tips in the USA.
Oh Myyyy!!!, what big feet you have, Mango, :giggle:.
She's such a little beauty :lovehearts:
shes a beauty!
Love the qtip pictures
That looks like a great morning! (For Mango!) I hope that his poops aren't to big :p
Mango is so cute! Mine plays with cotton buds but he always pics up the little pen/stylus thing for my ds and flies off with it :lol:
And is that a copy of the Cage and Aviary I see under your bird ;)? It's such a great paper!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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