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Meet Bonza

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I would like to introduce you all to Bonza. Ive had him for 7mths.

Has started talking and can say "what ya doin". He is now trying to say his name.

He has also just started to come out of his cage.

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Bonza is very beautiful. Your other birds are nice looking too.
Bonza Is GORGEOUS! I just love cockatoos, you are so lucky to own one. I wish I did.
great bird...but uhh...that cage in his background...what is that?

i met a too in a store the other day...he kept saying "hiii" to woulda stole him if i could!
Aw, I love Bonza! :lovehearts::lovehearts:

Seeing one in my backyard every day twice a day makes me even happier - although I'd love to own one.
Bonza is stunning :biggrin5:, and your tiels are little beauties too.:lovehearts:
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