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Meet Toby

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I am 100% sure Toby used to be someone's bird. He comes here every day a lot throughout the day.

He's friendly, not scared of people and he squawks to let me know his here, I've called him Toby and he's sooo precious! :lovehearts: I also feed him fruits and veggies, mainly all healthy foods!


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Wow, he is absolutely gorgeous!! :lovehearts: I would be caught between leaving him wild and free and trying to bring him in the house :lol: he is probably much happier being free :p
Lol, I'd rather he be outside where he belongs and can fly freely. :)

I'm happy enough that we can feed him, get up close, and him not be scared of us at all.
Oh, he's handsome! Has he joined a flock of wild toos? Or just hangs out by himself mooching on you? :lol:
It's just him. :biggrin5: There was another one but it never comes anymore and it's really wild.
ohhh isnt he cute?!
He is beautiful. I think your are doing the right thing. If he decides he wants to come inside, I'm sure he will drop you lots of hints, like hanging by your door. He probably prefers to be free. :)
thats soooo cool...
He is beautiful! Of all parrots Cockatoos really should be free! Hw lucky of you to be able to witness it!
wow he is really pretty.i would love to have a bird like that fly around my backyard.:)
Isn't that beautiful?
He gets the freedom of the outdoors, no boundries, but he chooses to come to people.
You are so lucky to be able to get so close to a semi-wild cockatoo.
I'm so jealous.
You're lucky that you live in a warm climate. He wouldn't make it through our Canadian winter or in fact, spring of fall. :(
WOW that would be so cool to see those in the wild.
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