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More Photos Of Leila

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:lovehearts: :lovehearts:


And 2 flight shots.. :p

Enjoy. :giggle:
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Does she even know she's a bird? She has to think she's human, what a little doll!

Love the flight shots! :hug:
She's adorable :lovehearts:. Dont ya just love how playful they are, rolling about on their backs.? My Ozzy always played on his back when he was young, but not so much anymore, he still likes to be held that way though, he falls asleep like that in the palm of the hand.
Great photos! Such a cutie-pie! :lovehearts:
isnt he cute? ! :lovehearts:
Thanks! I love how playful they are - I hope she continues to be this playful, she's always on her back.

love4liltweets - LOL you should see how she fell asleep on me the other night.. I think she's beginning (sp) to think she's a human baby and not a baby bird.


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Great photos!!!! She's sooo cute! :D
wow..nice pics... great job getting the flight shots...those arent easy to achieve..
Aww, that's just too precious! I love the second picture, her eyes are closed in pure bliss!
Thanks Jenny & kneel. :)
Just wonderful pictures of her! Man I love Conures!
She's adorable! :biggrin5: Does she often sleep on her back? She certainly is relaxed :)
Yep, all the time! :biggrin5:
Oh Solace..she is gorgeous! Look at those colors!:) The flight shots are fantastic and what a little cuddle bug.

I saw a cinnamon a few weeks ago and they are really beautiful. I've been considering a Black Capped, but I may need to consider some more as I love the cinnamon. How is the noise level? I've been told by people with Black capped that they are pretty quiet so I'm wondering if the Green Cheeks are about the same?
Thank you! :biggrin5:

They're really pretty birds too, I haven't seen one in person *yet* though, lol!

She's quiet for the most part, she'll do her ocassional flock call to me when I walk out of my room. (which is louder than my Quaker :eek:) But apart from that, they're the best bird to own, and the best pleasure to own too! :p
She is a doll. She is obviously relaxed and trusting of you. Great pics.
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