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My 3

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All 3 of your budgies are beautiful. Welcome
They are gorgeous! I love the the last picture! :)
Too cute! Snowy looks like a little ham! :lol:
Very nice , they sure have character dont they!
So cute, Dusty looks like a lil duster :lol:, his plumage is lovely. :biggrin5:
Oh my! i'm inlove with dusty!! such a stunning pied!
Nice pics of your crew! Is that a pet snail?:eek:
Great pictures!!!!!!!
Thanks everyone, and yes, Titch is a pet Giant African Land Snail :)
Hey Rebecca, your budgies are adorablee!! :lovehearts::lovehearts::lovehearts:
Beautiful budgies, I love the color of Dusty.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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