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My Cinnamon GCC thinks she's a DOG!

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I was laughing so hard I couldn't stop crying!

So, I was outside talking to the 'tiels and I see Leila (give me attention) on the bottom of the cage in the corner looking at me, so I go up to her and start talking to her and I don't know what made me say but I said to her "roll over Leila" and all of a sudden she rolls over onto her back and gets up again! I kept saying it and she kept doing it, eventually she got bored but I'm going to record in next time it was HILARIOUS! My stomach hurts so much from laughing so hard now. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I got a video:

[ame=""]YouTube - Leila Rolls Over[/ame]
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That's adorable! What a smart little girl!!
Cute!!!! They seldom perform on command. :giggle:
How cute. Now you can start sit, stay, shake :lol:
I'm working on shake! :rofl:
How smart! I wonder how she learned to do that?!
She learned it from me. I told her to roll over and she started rolling over. I think it's just how GCCs are - they can learn things very quickly.
I just taught her something else!

I was giving her kisses and making the kissing noise and she started doing it! :biggrin5:
Mine always makes kissy noises when I say "kisses" darn cute.
aw, what a smart girl!:thumbsup:
Aww! :lol: She is so cute! So smart too!
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