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My Conures

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This is my flock of conures. Skittles is a Ysgcc, Her parents Skeeta & Scoota, Both Ysgccs, Then Rex a Cinnamon split Ys, and Princess a pineapple. My little sister named all besides Skittles.

This is Skittles, He's my baby! She Hates everyone besides me. I finds it quite funny that i'm her mate. She has actually managed to get a nice bite to my twin sister. She has a odd Grove in her beak as she was attacked by my Twin sisters Senegl when she was young thanks to my Younger sister letting her out and not telling me.



Skeeta & Scoota
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Aww, I love gcc! Such cuties! Don't you just love being your bird's 'mate'? :lol:
Wow, they are beautiful!! My green cheek is not that friendly to anyone.:lol:
They look like such pretty birds, my friends old conure was a meany thats why they ended up letting her fly away rather than adopt her out :mad: (end rant)
My mum's in love with these birds too, she has to visit them at every petshop!
OMG I think you might have Heidy's dream birds. Don't let her near where you live. They are beauties.
Thats quite a flock ha i really like your parrots.
Aww there so cute!
Theyre gorgeous ! Im a conure Freak and I love the gcc's , they have the greatest personalities and theyre so beautiful!
Oh my! GCCs are my very fav! Nancy was right, you do have my dream birds! I would LOVE to have a Pineapple or Cinnamon!
I too love love GCC's! Mine favors me as well. :)
They're gorgeous :lovehearts: I have a YS too, and he's a bundle of energy, he loves to play on his back too. They are very entertaining.:lol:
Thanks all. Rex/Princess & Skeeta Scoota are breeding pairs so possible babies in the near future, once i gets the all clear from the vets now after everything that has happpened in the last 2 week.

Skittles use to love pacifiers, Not so much anymore.
They are SO adorable. I have my first GCC, Autumn, a Cinnamon and I am adoring her. What a great little parrot to live with:) Yours are all very beautiful.

Their babies are going to be adorable!!!
I do love green cheek conures! They are my favorites. We have 2 and I want more! You have such colorful birds! Very lucky you!
Hello everyone. I`m thinking of getting a green cheek conure this week. I have two budgies now. The conure is about 8 months old at the pet shop and lets me pet him/her through the cage door and closes its eyes when I pet him/her. They aren`t sure if it`s a male or can you tell?. I`m so looking forward to it. I think the little critter likes me cause it only nibbled and didn`t try to bite my hand off.

Can someone tell me about green cheek conures and about them....Thank you so much my friends cause I`m very new. I also belong to Budgie Talk and my name over there is Budgiemelle. Here, my name is Conumarie.

Thank you thank you for your info.

Marie :)
I love the pic of Skittle on her back, very cute! :D
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