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My flock..

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Elmo...all feathered out now,this is a little while ago..
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Aww, such cute birds! Little Elmo is precious! We have a 4 month old GW at the store who is a sweetie, my little Boo! :biggrin: is Deaja a Ducorps? Those are hard to find here in SFL!
:hug: I love your fids. :)
Deaja isn't a ducorps...she is a U2 X BE2 hybrid..
Haha, that's what I get for not scrolling up and reading :blush: Interesting mix I knew some toos could hybridize, but I wouldn't have thought of pairing those two together!
Very cute birds :biggrin5: I especially like the first one, looks like he's wearing a hat. :yesnod:
They are all beautiful. Monster and Precious are my favorites!
I know I replied to this last night. Now I don't see it?

Your flock is gorgeous Bridie. :lovehearts: Awesome setup too. :hug:
What a beautiful flock you have :biggrin5:. I wanna birdnap Monster :lol:, I love hawk heads. :lovehearts:
All of your birds are really wonderful. I LOVE your hawkhead!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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