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My GCCs NEW Cage!

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Leila's new cage arrived today! :biggrin5: At 11:30am this morning a truck pulled up and out came this box, and it was Leilas cage, I got all excited. So I took it out the back, opened the box, got everything out and 15 mins later, my new modem arrives! (YAY no more stupid dial-up)

So, in between putting Leilas new cage together I was coming back and forth inside because mum couldn't get the modem working. I eventually got it up and then had to go set up the modem. I took some photos of it before putting it together and after I had put it together.

In the box

Cage inside

All the stuff that was inside the box

After I put it together

After I put the stand together - cage on stand

And this is her half set up..

I haven't finished putting everything in yet. I had to clean my room and move it around, and even had to take my computer out of my room and put it in the lounge room so Leila could stay in my room - then I had to clean the lounge room, scrubbed Leilas old cage and put some stuff in it so I could but 2 of the Budgies in it. (Sierra and Reiko - will post their mansion in another thread) So I will probably finish it tonight sometime.. I'm so exhausted and tired right now I don't have any energy.

Anyway, she loves her new cage, I'm really, really happy with it, it's bigger then I thought it'd be and there's so much room I didn't know where to put anything at first.. I might move everything around again, maybe.. as long as she has her boing and happy hut she doesn't care about whatever else is in the cage.
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very nice :) sounds like your having a busy day!
Very nice cage!:)
great cage!
Lovely cage! She'll have so much fun! :biggrin:
Congratulations on your nice new cage. Leila will love all that space. I know what you mean about the happy hut. That is the one thing that my budgies love most. That and the little balls with the jingle bells in them. :)
Nice cage, good job on putting it together. lol If I can't buy it set up, no thanks. LOL!! ;)
I love that cage! It looks great :D
:yahoo: for Leila, she will be very happy in there. :thumbsup:
Yikes. It looks like a lot of assembly. Looks like you did a good job. I have a new, larger cage on the way. I don't have the bird for it yet, but Drs. Foster and Smith has a special $5.99 shipping offer, so I decided to go ahead and get it. I hope I will be able to put it together!
It didn't take me too long to put it together, an hour at the most because I was coming inside inbetween doing it. :p

She really does love it.. a few times she hasn't wanted to come out even!
Obviously the instructions weren't from Ikea :lol: I can never get anything together from them. Thank goodness Ted understands the language. :rofl:
Obviously the instructions weren't from Ikea :lol: I can never get anything together from them. Thank goodness Ted understands the language. :rofl:
Good one!:giggle:
Congrats on the new cage...will we see an updated pic today? hint hint;)
I'll take some photos maybe later on! :)
Wow thats a great cage!
Don't even get me started on the instructions, LOL! :mad: They were the most pathetic ones I have seen.. well actually the second lot of pathetic instructions, not as bad as the instructions I got for my Cockatiels cage. It had a picture of everything that's in the box and then there's letters for each bit of the cage? :rolleyes:

Yeah, I don't know.. but I done it and that's the main thing. I would love to get more of them, they're a terrific cage.
off topic---

im about to put together a table that we bought from ikea last not looking forward to those instructions!! ;-)
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