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My Grandma's budgie Petey :)

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I was visiting my grandma today, and I never noticed how pretty her budgie (Petey) is, I think its a boy :p

He is all by himself, but he keeps himself entertained, and looks at me like I'm nuts when I talk to him :rolleyes: lol

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Did you bring yours over to visit?
Cute little guy.
No, it was a two hour drive and my guys don't enjoy car rides.... they think I'm bringing them to the vets :rolleyes:

I want to bring them over one day though, give Petey someone to talk to, other than the plastic bird he likes to beat up :p
Petey is a hanadsome boy..he looks olive.:) Who is the other Budgie in the photos?
Petey is a handsome budgie. It looks like he definitely likes his mirrors. :) I was wondering who the other bird was too until it hit's the plastic buddy you spoke of. :lol:
Awwww, he's so cute, he looks like a toy budgie in that first pic :giggle:. Maybe next time you go visit you can bring him a couple of extra toys. :)
Very cute. I love the 3rd pic with his head tilted.:biggrin5:
That other bird is plastic??? Well it sure fooled me. Petey is a very pretty bird, I agree. A surprise toy next visit would be fun.
Beautiful boy! He's a unique shade of green
Petey is very pretty! (In a manly way :p ) Does he ever come out?
Thank you everyone, I will let her know what you have said :)
And no Becca, unfortunately he stays in his cage :(
he is a cutie alright!
Such a 'clean' lookin opaline :)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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