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my kakariki

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sure we all know Mango ;)
my first ever 'parrot'

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Oh he's beautiful! Is he a color mutation? I don't know a lot about kakarikis but I thought they were solid green :lol:
What beautiful bird! I have never heard of them before, can you tell us a little about him?
Yes , more information is needed. What a beauty.
Wow, what a beautiful bird! Thanks for sharing!
I'd love to hear more about him, and Kakarikis in general. :cool:

I've moved this thread to the Pictures and Videos section of the forum, by the way. :)
What a handome boy you have there, his colouring is stunning :lovehearts:
WOW. Very nice. adorable!!
He is beautiful, I love Mango :D Can you tell us more about him and kakarikis?
Mango! :lovehearts: She's such a sweetheart.. (except for her piercing your nose :p )
I always loved Mango! :D Such a pretty bird!

PS: How's that nose piercing he gave you healing? :p
i just love mango! I havent seen her colors anywhere around me though :(
Mango is gorgeous! What I love the most about the red-fronts appearance is those little dots behind the eyes that are always there no matter what the mutation hehe. N'awh your bird was all soggy hehe
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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