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my new budgies

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i just got a call from my neighbour and she asked if i wanted her budgies she said she could no longer handle them but there is more to the story that i am not alowed to tell but the 2 budgies came from me to begin with they are both male the green one is so tame you can leave the cage door open and he won,t go out he sits on your finger and shoulder as well so here are the 2 new budgies

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what beauties you got there!
good for you , taking them it !:D
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[SHIFT] .. , [SHIFT]

There you go, take those and throw them into your post.
Jk, cute little birds, it's cool the green one's tame like that.
Being tame makes budgies more fun. :)
they are very pretty allen.the green one looks exactly like my first budgie.
The second one is adorable! And yes some punctuation would be appreciated.
Aww Allen, They are beautiful! Shame the owner couldn't keep them but its great you got them.
They are gorgeous! I especially love the second male, he's a beauty :)
They're beautiful. I'm glad you got them back. :)
They are gorgeous budgies, they look pretty healthy from the pictures as well.
I love the recessive pied budgie.
I hope you upload more pictures of the sweethearts!
they are just great i did notice that the green one only had his right wing clipped so i did the left and he is more stable
punctuation be damned they are so cute and good for u
and thanks for sharing:biggrin5:
:mcongratulations: Allen, they're adorable :)
That pied is gorgeous~ I am jealous! You know I have a thing for pied birds!:lol:
Congrats to you all!:D I'm glad you are there for them.
Very sweet - love the fact you took them in and one is tame...won't take you long for the 2nd I'm sure. Can we see more pics?
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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