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My small flock of small parrots

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My flock started out with a small scared budgie I named Sugar because I thought he was a she. But sometimes when I am feeling nice to my hubby I call him Sugar so I guess it can be a male name, too.

Sugar needed a friend so I bought Spice to spice up his life. He is an English budgie and is full of personality. He helped to bring shy Sugar out of his shell.

My third bird is Parsley, a lineolated parakeet. You might have seen her picture in Heidy's thread as Heidy is her godmommy. She is a 3 yr old female that I call my velcro bird as she would like to be stuck to me 24/7.
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Beauties every one! And Spice cracks me up!
Aw, such cuties! I love the english's faces! They always look so haughty! :lol:
Sugar is beautiful, so white. I like your whole flock! You can see my two on Jenny's avitar. They are Midge and Soleil. I am not good at adding pics yet. Jenny is going to help me soon.
3 little beauties :lovehearts:. I love their names :giggle:
They are all beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen a budgie as white as Sugar before. So handsome!!
sugar is def an appropiate name!
Very beautiful flock. It is rare to see an all white budgie. Thanks for sharing.
Spice is adorable! I love the band around his belly!
All your fids are gorgeous :D
i love how you added 'Spice' into his life.
That sentence kind of just clicked :eek:

Their all gorgeous birds, and in great health too!
Hmm, you make me want to get a linnie!
Beautiful birds , i especially like Spice! I really want an english
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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