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Nesting Behavior?

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My linnie Parsley is a 3 yr old female. She started a new behavior. First let me say that Parsley loves to crawl on me and will sometimes crawl down my shirt or sleeve but it is always more of an exploring nature. At night she will sleep between a feather boa that hangs over one of her perches.

Okay so here is the new behavior. It started about a week ago and she has done it every day since. She leaves me and flies over to my bed. She will crawl to the edge of the comforter and then crawl up under the comforter and bury herself way under and STAY, no exploring. The first time was scary because I didn't know where she was. When I finally started flinging back covers in a panic she flew out scaring me and her.

Let me also say that I have not seen any increase in shedding paper and there is paper around that she can shed. So is this hiding, nesting behavior? Or is it just normal linnie behavior.

If it is nesting I sure don't want her laying eggs so should I discourage it? Now that I know where she hides I don't worry about her safety because she always goes back in her cage if I leave the room for a period of time.

So what do you all think?
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I am bumping this thread as it got lost in the shuffle today.
That little Parsley was under the comforter again tonight.
i am very interested in reading everyone's comments on this, as lentil has also only recently started burrowing...:confused:
I think its warm and she likes your smell! I have one gcc that has a smell I love. I will bury my nose in his neck, ahhhh........I think she likes your smell! I know, weird:eek:
As long as you are aware of her new snuggling place, you should both be fine.
Aww that's cute!
I'm not sure if it's nesting behaviour or not but my sun conure buries himself undr hair hair right beside my neck and falls asleep there. I think it's just that she's found a new snuggly, warm & comfortable place to be in :)
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