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New budgie coming home Wednesday (pics)

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I know I've posted the first pic before but I wanted to post it again along with the pic she sent today.

Here he is at about 4 weeks old on Sept. 16th. (He is the blue and white one on the right).

And here he is at 7 weeks. I don't have a name yet but I'm sure it won't take long to name this precious baby. He's hand fed and I'm so looking forward to getting him.

I just love him already. :lovehearts::lovehearts:
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aww congrats!
:giggle:He's so cute :lovehearts:, I know you're super excited :biggrin5:
Well, I can certainly see why you love him already. He is a cutie pie.
adorable! Congrats. Babies are so cute with their newly striped heads!
What a cutie! Can't wait to hear how he does at home!
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