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new here

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hi all i am new here and yes i have mbs i just love my birds i started with budgies then to cockatiels then to green cheek conures and now i,m just getting into kakarikis here are just a few of my many birds

Bird Beak Parrot Yellow Natural material

Eye Beak Organism Cockatiel Feather

Bird Beak Parrot Feather Macaw

Bird Vertebrate Beak Parrot Bird supply

Bird Cockatoo Cockatiel Beak Parrot

Head Bird Eye Beak Human body

Bird Cockatiel Cockatoo Eye Beak


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Welcome to Talk Parrots! You have a beautiful flock! :D
They're adorable! :lovehearts: I just LOVE green cheeks.
hi allen.welcome to talk parrots:hello17:
SpickyDavies has a kakariki too! You should talk to her...hers is a hoot!
:mwelcometogrp: I love all your birds!
the top 2 kakarikis are the ones i,m getting i allready have a pied that is about 6 months old once i get these 2 i,ll breed them and get a male for olive and i,m also getting my green cheek dna so i can get a mate for cheechy
Welcome, Allen. You have a nice flock there. Looks like you either must have had babies or will be having them soon.
Hi Allen, welcome!!. You have a lovely flock, I have a green cheek and a cockatiel too. The kakariki is a beauty, I must do more reading on them, they're becomming quite popular. SpickyDavies kakariki is gorgeous. :)
Welcome. And since we see eggs in the nest, will you please share pics with us at various stages? Please?:biggrin5:
Welcome to the forum! What a beautiful (and quickly growing) flock! :lol:
yes i have had chicks hatch i,ll find them and make a new post of them in the small parrot section only 2 hatched out of 5 there at the stage where they are looking out the hole of the nest box
Welcome to the forum! Its nice to see all your birdies. They are all so nie looking! We started with budgies also....
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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