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New Pics of the CAG...

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As promised...heres the girls..

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So cute! Do the girls get along?
yea they get along suprizingly well seeing that they just met a few weeks ago. we've yet to leave them alone to check each other out.... I'm usually holding one while the other one is checking things I think they'll be okay over time!!!
They're adorable :lovehearts: I hope they become great friends. :thumbsup:
you have an african grey! :yikes: i envy you!
They are both adorable! Two of my dream parrots! ;)
Beautiful! I love baby-grey faces! :lovehearts:
I, too, envy you. African greys are one of my favorites. How old is yours?
So cute! I love the greys and really want a quaker. Yours are precious! :lovehearts:
the grey is only 6 months old...and the quaker is almost 2 years.thank you everyone for your kind words. its so funny becuz I was terrified of birds for all my life...well my wife had our quaker and two I started hanging around them more and more and next thing you knew I was attached at the hip with the quaker...bonded tiel passed of old age and one went to a friends...then Marnie the grey came...and now were one big happy feathered family!!!! :)
They're adorable, I am dying to get a CAG.. they're just so stunning. :lovehearts:
Isn't it amazing how birds take a hold on our hearts and lives? Our lifestyle has changed dramatically since we found out we love birds. There is no thought of going back!
Very nice pictures! I too hope to have an African Grey some day?
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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