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New safety door

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My cousin just finished building a door to separate the living room from the dining room. Now, if the birds take off, they can't accidentally get into the kitchen. I don't let them become flighted on purpose, but sometimes the grass keets can fly amazingly well before you realize they can.

It was a big opening and he had to custom build the door. He put a screen on top so the house is not totally cut in two even with it closed, and the air will still circulate.

He had to put a wooden part on higher than the bottom half because of Jamal, my standard poodle. He has the biggest, clumsiest feet I've ever seen on any dog. I kid you not. Years ago we had a Great Pyraneese, which I can't remember how to spell. At over 100 pounds that dog's feet hurt less than this guy's. Anyway, he is always jumping up on the outside door and messing up the knobs, destroying the wood, whatever. I will tell him not to jump on this, and he is obedient when he remembers, but at some point he is going to jump up there, so the screen is high so he doesn't get his fat feet into it.

Anyway, it cost me $400.00, but it was good to give the work to my cousin, who needed it. Sooooooooooooo, another $400.00 spent on the birds.

Stanley cost me $100.00. His cage was just under $200.00. Because he likes to design with some $.05 vine balls, when I got another bird that I originally planned to house with him I later decided to get another cage of the same price so he wouldn't have to share. Now he gets a $400.00 door, which I have to attribute to him because the linnie and the senegal are too heavy bodied to surprise me with a long flight, and it was actually Stanley who got airborne once and got into the kitchen, where the ceiling fan happened to be off but could have been on. This isn't even beginning to count his play gym, toys, little cage for visiting school, transport cage. Oh, and I still want to get some kind of backpack so he can go walking with us. Bird economics :shrug:

But he is worth every dime.
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That door sounds amazing! It was nice of you to spread the wealth locally. And who needs new anything when we have such awesome birds to spend it on? We have spoiled ours with the biggest cages we can fit in our apt. I think when we move we will need an extra truck just for the cages as a few of them don't come apart. I would love to see some pictures of this door!
Wow - that sounds great! Birds certainly are very expensive... but they're totally worth every penny :lovehearts:
I'd like to see the door as sounds great!
Remember, money is just paper unless you use it!;)
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