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Non Fertile Eggs

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Hi folks, I wonder if anyone can give me some advice on this one. I've had my 2 budgies-Kazi and Kiwi for about 3 years and just now Kiwi has layed eggs-twice-5 eggs each time. She is so dedicated to her eggs that I never see her. Sometimes I think she's died in there. Kazi is a good hubby-feeeding her etc. However, buth clutches are empty. The first time she sat there for so long that I pulled the rggs and she sat there staring at the empty nest box for so long with her wings low. I felt so bad for her. I did see Kazi try to mount her during her first clutch, but she wouldn't be still. Any suggestions?

Thanks you all,
Mir :(
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I have no idea why the eggs wouldn't be fertile. Kazi is definitely a male, right? Maybe one or both isn't fertile? If it happens in humans and mammals it's bound to happen in birds...

My only suggestion would be to make sure that they are offered plenty of calcium, especially Kiwi. Offer a mineral block and cuttlebone; you can even grate the cuttlebone over their food dish. There are some calcium supplements that are made especially for breeding birds -- I know that Pickle's breeder uses one with her breeder parrots.

So sorry for little Kiwi and bless Kazi's heart for being such a dedicated hubby!
I wish I had some ideas for you, but I know nothing about this subject. I'm sorry to hear of Kiwi's heartbreak.
Are there any budgie breeders in your area? Maybe one of them could help you out.
Hi folks, Finally 2 aby budgies and soooo cute! A blue and a turquoise. Figure that with 2 green parents. I believe daddy-Kazi is a pied though. They're weeks now and I've handled them often while they were in their nest box. Kiwi seemed a little stressed about that but would come over and touch my hand gently when I caressed her babies. However I do have a question. The babies are 6 weeks old now so I have moved my 2 budgie babies to their own little cage, and we haven't clipped their wings tonight. I find that the are so afraid of me even though I handled them often during the day when they were in their nest. They scatter and seem to escape and fly off on me whenever I'm changing their cage. I hope they will tame down now that we clipped their wings. What do you think -should I have hand fed them? Would they have been more tame and less skittish?

I want to keep these 2 for my grand daughter, so I want them to be tame-any suggestions? Thank you all.

Huh - I'm surprised they're so skittish! Clipping is a good idea, as long as they have had the chance to get some flight experience. Right now they may be stressed, being separate from mom/dad and weaning and, with some R&R they'll calm down some more
Jenny what's R & R mean? Yes they have had their flights every time they took off on me. They are so scared when I want to pick them up to cuddle them and hold them, but when they're in my hands they settle down. How much should I handle them? They're 6 weeks now. Do you recommend hand feeding other babies the last 2 weeks before weaning so they'll be tamer?
Rest and Relaxation ;) If you're going to hand-feed them, you're best off pulling them when they're very young. Otherwise, they will force-wean themselves from stress if they're close to weaning.

I would just go slow, let them adjust, and they'll come around. They may not want to be cuddled, but if they'll come out of the cage and relax on your hand or shoulder then they're making great progress :thumbsup:

Some parakeets, even hand-fed, will be skittish. It just seems to happen sometimes
Thanks Jenny. How young would you suggest they be if I decide to pull them for hand feeding. I have been leaving my hand in the cage to see if they get used to my hand. If I do take them out of the cage and hold them in my hand, they do calm down, until Kazi-their dad starts to scream and them they get upset. i could just choke him sometimes. I'm thinking of taking them upstairs and away from him as he warns them when I'm coming near.
We used to pull the babies at 2-3 weeks, when they're all pin feathers. They're tricky to hand-feed though for the first day or two, they won't take it till they get hungry enough
My problem is that I don't want to upset mommy. It seems so sad to pull them so early after she's sacrificed all her time sitting in her eggs.:sad:
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