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not a happy camper

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ok about 6-8 months ago i sold 2 cockatiels today i found out that the pied died and in fact they had a dog a cat they smoked in the house and around the birds they also smoked dope around them as well i called them up and gave them a blast i literly gave him a piece of my mind normally i would not do this but since this person is my nephew i was able to the other one he sold to a person i no she bought a new cage that is just huge i,m glad that happy is ok she is allready bonded to her other male
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this is a pic of the birds the pied died the lutino is ok even though she has a birth defect she has been checked bye a avian vet and he said she just has a defect

here is a pic of the pied that died

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Aww is that ever sad. I'm sorry that the pied died.
Having to rehome a bird is hard enough but then to know it was not cared for makes it so much worse. I am so sorry this pied died. He is now in a much better place. RIP little fellow.
the worse part is he is my nephew and he also heard it from his aunt on my sisterinlaws side as well
So sorry the little guy died :(. You think by giving them to a family member you're giving them a good home, and then something like this happens. I understand your anger.
I'm sorry. I wish all people have the commitment that we have to our birds. I understand how angry and hurt you must be.
I am so sorry to hear this happened. The hardest thing to do is to part with one of your animals. And to hear it went to a bad home... :frown: that's my worst nightmare working in a pet shop. RIP little one, you're in a better place now.
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