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Other Pets section, Signature sub-forum?

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I noticed the Chit Chat thread has a LOT of threads about everyone's non-feathered pets. I was wondering, maybe we could have an Other Pets forum like Talk Budgies? That'd be nice so that everyone's pet pictures aren't mixed up with non-pet related threads. :)

Edit: And maybe a signature sub-forum in Chit Chat could be added as well, for all those siggy makers out there? Just a thought.

Also, Dave, any chance we might get our :XD: emote back? ;) I keep accidentally typing :XD: into my posts, then having to go back and edit when I remember it doesn't exit here.

Pardon my babbling. :rolleyes:
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i agree, i always catch myself from putting down :XD: hahah
We may add a Other Pets section in the future. For now, I think it's fine to keep them in the Chit-Chat forum.

What exactly is the :XD: smiley? ;)
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Alright, that's fine. :) I just wanted to check.

The :XD: Smiley is

Edit: Dangit, you ninja'd me, Stacey. :(
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:XD: Smiley has been added. :D
yay thanks Nick! :XD:
Awesome, thanks a lot! :XD:

Welp, I officially like this admin. :lol: Sorry Dave. ;)
Wow thanks for adding my smiley! :D
I remember Dave added on TB because i kept typing XD and no one knew what it was... And he added the :XD: smiley and then it's become a disease all over TB :XD:

Yep Nick's awesome! :D
asae, aren't you glad Kim's not over here?
*waits for Kim to suddenly show up*
Haha, that's actually pretty interesting to know! :XD: So you're the one responsible for that smiley.

Oh yeah, definitely glad she's not here. Mhm. You betcha! :rolleyes:

... -calls Kim over- :devil:
It's a laughing face. :) Like another way to say LOL
Haha, I have to say it was very funny to read this thread with the XD replaced with a :XD: already!
Haha, I have to say it was very funny to read this thread with the XD replaced with a :XD: already!
it is ! haha ,
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