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Our African Grey Georgia!

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We bought Georgia yesterday shes a year and a half, and we let her out the cage today, she said her name Georgia and come on Georgia
shes beautiful!
she seems abit nervous around hands, we didnt know how to get her back in but she got hungry and went back in herself, she sat at the back of the sofa with us and took a nut out of our hands.
Hope you like them!
and does anyone else own a African grey?


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She's beautiful! I've raised many Greys, but never owned one. I do have one that is willed to me, by a former customer, so one day I will have one :) Later rather than sooner, I hope!
Thankyou, do you know anything about bird clipping and should i get her wings clipped?
Generally, I recommend clipping a bird while taming and building trust - it's safer for the bird and yourself. It depends on the bird, though, is she trying to fly at all?
Georgia is beautiful!

I'd love to have a grey. I have just one bird, Tito. He's a great cockatiel. I love birds because they can interact with you in a cognitive way and Greys are most famous for this. Tito is just 11 months and can already do six tricks including solving a 3 colour puzzle, and sinf two tunes. Just imagine what Georgia will be capable of doing!

If you want to read an AMAZING book about greys read "Alex and Me" by Dr Irene Peperberg; Alex was the worlds most famous grey who broke new ground when it comes to proving that animals think and feel communicate.

You have an amazing bird there, good luck to you!
I love CAG, I have one that is handicapped, but she doesn't know it. If you just got her home yesterday, back off and give her plenty of time to adjust. Some birds don't like hands, My Ruby doesn't. We have a routine for getting her out of her cage. She will come out by herself. I've had this bird for over seven years and we still use a towel, it becomes habit. My bird hates change of any type, if I give her a new toy it takes a long time for her to get used to it, same goes with food. I did get her to use a water bottle and she found she could make a fountain out of it.

Yes "Alex and me" is a tear jerker, but lots of good information.
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