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Pics of Gizmo

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Here are some pics of my little girl, I'd say angel but that would not be entirely true :lol:


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Welcome to the forum :D

What a cute gold-capped conure! I love the name Gizmo :)
Beautiful bird! I love her name too! I have a Pineapple Green Cheek Conure who'll be 5 months old the end of July. I love her to pieces!
She's beautiful! I'm sure there must be times when she's an angel!:)
Thanks guys :) Pineapple green cheeks are sooo beautiful, just such bright colors.

@Sharon Well yes, I suppose there may be a few times when she has her halo. But it's just being help up by horns. :lol: She can be such a little devil at times. But I love my little devil to pieces. She's being sweet right now, cause she wants cuddles. :)
Beautiful! Like I said in the other thread, my experience with Gold Caps is they're all trouble! :giggle: Sweet birds but little tricksters haha
Definitely sweet but also quite the trouble makers, I agree.:lol:
She is beautiful Erica :)
And I know what you mean about the angel part.. my Jenday, Vanity, can cuddle at one moment & scream her head off the next! :p
Hehehe those aratinga conures can be such handfuls. Your girl, Vanity, is a beauty :)
he is quite the looker !!
Thank you Stacey :) Gizmo certainly likes to think she's a diva some days. haha
Ooo la la she is pretty! :p haha I love the first picture. Gizmo is a very unique name :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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