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pics of my pets

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it was around the time all my budgies quieted down for a nap so i decided it was a good time to take some pictures.

This is skitter my whydah song finch.when he is in breeding season he grows a long tail but recently it fell off.i think he feels ten pounds lighter now

this is buffy.

this is prince.

this is storm.

this is baby.

the budgie sitting on the feeder in the back is Mr. Q.

and the green budgie kissing storm is adell.

this is my cockatiel mona.she thinks she is a budgie.:lol:

now.........while i was taking pictures.:giggle:a little green monster named bingo became jelious of them getting all of my attention.

fine dont take pictures of me i have to preen myself anyway.

bingo didnt give up.he climed onto my shoulder and preened me head.

The End
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You have a beautiful flock! :lovehearts: :lovehearts:

I love your 'tiel, I have one who looks exactly the same. :p
Welcome ! I count nine? You are a happy bird momma!
They're all beautiful :lovehearts: :rofl: at Bingo, he's a typical green cheek :p little attention seeker
:lol: he is such a sucky.every time i come in the room he demands attention.Solace,isnt your white tiel called shiro?:biggrin5:
I heart Buffy! I love them all but Buffy....:lovehearts:
buffy is a pretty girlshe would gett along well with your birds too.:biggrin5:
My boys would flirt with her rotten. You havent seen them in action!
You have a beautiful flock. I've never seen a finch that color, gorgeous! :lovehearts:
thank you.he loves the coments:lol:
I think you're forgetting your non feathered pets :rolleyes:
skitter is just the cutest little finch, i just want to birdienap him :D
Awww I have said it many times since joining this forum, I am so jealous! I can't wait to move out on my own and start growing my flock :) First new baby, a tiel, than maybe a conure :p

Beautiful flock :)
your flock is beautiful! I too have a soft spot for Buffy:lovehearts:
Beautiful birds. Do you ever get confused and call someone by the wrong name? I did that occasionally with my kids and I only had three :lol:
awesome flock! Your 'tiel is lovely
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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