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Pics of the Flock!

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Briar the cuddly sweet...LOUD sun conure :biggrin5:

Rista, the slightly bi-polar senegal parrot:p:lovehearts:

Macy, the lazy little budgie:p

Finn, the crazy hyperactive budgie :p:rolleyes:
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Beautiful birds! I love how budgies are either hyper and crazy or just flat out lazy :lol:
Beautiful flock :lovehearts:. I love the way you've given them all titles. :giggle:
Nice flock, beautiful birds. :biggrin5:
Why must people torture me with sun conures! He he <3
It's nice to see you flock again...they all look happy and healthy!:) It looks like you are handling it all well too.;)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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