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Pictures of your 'Tiels!

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Ok well after a long time me and my mom have finally decided on a bird (A cockatiel!!) So I was wondering if you could post some pictures of yours? Thanks :D
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Here are a few of my Moose :thumbsup: He's a sweetie I've had him... 6 months or so now? He's 9 years, coming on 10, and I actually bred him all that time ago - it's quite a long story!

When I was a kid, I had a pair of cockatiels that my mom decided to let breed so we could learn about them and enjoy them. Moose was in that first clutch and, while we let the parent's feed with the occasional supplement from us, we started handling them when they were fully pinned and moving about, holding them more and more as they got older! We ended up placing all the babies with friends of the family, and we thought that was that. 6 months or so ago our 'friend' showed up where I worked and was asking people there if they would just 'take the darn bird, we just don't want it anymore'! :frown: I heard them and came running over and snatched Moose right away! He had been living on their back patio for the last... 4-6 years, with nothing but crummy seed and bird gravel to eat and one nasty rope toy. They had PINE SHAVING in the bottom of the cage and it hadn't been cleaned in MONTHS.

I cleaned everything up, got him new perches, toys, a cuttle bone, etc and let him be to himself for the first week or so. After that, he started coming right out of the cage for me wanting head-scratches and to sit on my shoulder chewing my hair! He's a cranky little bugger, but super sweet considering. I love him to death!

A cockatiel is a GREAT choice as a pet! They're a nice size upgrade from a budgie and they're just so mellow and sweet :lovehearts: We had almost 20 at one point! I can't really say enough good things about them :lol:


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:thumbsup: Great decision!


Normal Grey Split to Pied - Male


Normal Grey - Female .. (YES, Female.)


Pastelface Cinnamon Pied - Male


Normal Grey Split to Pied - Male


Cinnamon Split to Pied - Female


Cinnamon - Male (might be split to Whiteface)


Clear Pied - Male


Lutino - Female


Cinnamon Whiteface Pearl - Female


Cinnamon Whiteface - Female

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Here is Cinnamon, a cinnamon pearl. He is molting now, not in theses pictures. He is retaining the yellow!


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My two are pretty much complete opposites, lol. They're a week apart in age, from different clutches but the same breeder. Lofty is my snugglebird, lol, she'll do anything to be close to me and get a cuddle, and especially loves getting scritches under her chin. I keep trying to get a picture of her when she turns her head right upside down so we can get to her chin easier. It's hilarious. She's louder to greet us when we get home, and always moving. Kami is calmer and quieter (I think she lets Lofty do her yelling for her, lol). She loves to be with us and get scritches, but isn't cuddly like Lofty. They're both really intelligent and I'm always coming up with new foraging toys for them, which they really love. Our two are also pretty evenly bonded between me and my bf - they call for me more, but we think that's because they see him more during the day, they prefer his shoulders to sit on, probably because they're bigger, lol, but they prefer my scritches. :D Cockatiels are a wonderful choice, I could rave about our two all day, lol. Lofty's a Whiteface Cinnamon Pied, and Kami's a Cinnamon Pearl Pied.

Synchronised Preening

Lofty using her foot (she eats nutriberries with her feet too)

Kami trying to use her foot

Is this my best side?

Poof face

Getting scritches

Posing nicely

Cuddly bird


Trick or Treat

Right... there... don't... stop....


Wet bird!

I may have gone a bit over board with the photos, lol.
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Great tiel pics everyone. Now I think I need one or two :lol:
Tiels are great :lovehearts: Here are some photos of Spike

Great tiel pics everyone. Now I think I need one or two :lol:
You do, trust me :lovehearts::p
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Wow they are all beautiful! I do like tiels they are a really good mix between budgie and large parrot.
Great pictures everyone! Thanks! I cant wait to get one :D
Ohhhh such beautiful tiels everyone :lovehearts:. Solace, Larry and Leo look like cinnamons in those first two pics, lol.
Here is my Cupid, she's a cinnamon pied.


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wow these guys are cute!
makes me want a tiel even more! but im afride my allergies wont agree :(
Hi all sorry im a bit late in posting in this thread but im new to TP, and just wanted to add a picture of my boy "Pheonix" this pic was taken today he is 5yrs old myself and my partner hand raised him from when he was about 2 wks old with the experiance and help of his breeder, he is a bit of a mans man and loves my partner to death. we love him to pieces hope you enjoy my pic.
Thanks :biggrin5:

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If he's in a round cage please get him a new one.. them cages are more bad than good. I can also see parts of the wire missing.. be really careful.
He's a cutie! :biggrin: Kudos to you for raising him yourself! Tiels are relatively easy, but can cause problems :lol: I agree with Solace on some caution, my biggest concern is the little bit of rust on the cage bars - that is toxic to them :frown:

Otherwise, sounds like you guys spoil him rotten! :thumbsup: Does he like the natural branches you added in as opposed to the regular perches? I want to get my tiel some more natural branches, but there's nothing safe near my house and the stuff in the stores is too expensive! :rolleyes:
thank you solace and jenny, also thank you for you're consserns, this cage is a temporary cage as we have just moved to our new property and are in the process of moving his aviary here, the cage is not realy round sort of a semi-circle, and yes some of the has had bars cut out, but they have been filed smooth, i would never put him in harms way, if i wouldnt live in his cage i wouldnt let him :) he tends not to go on the wire un-less i go to get him out. I like to think he does like his natural perches better, i live is Australia so most of the trees on our property are safe and also in-expensive (i mostly keep native plants for the wild birds). although now that i think about it he has probley only had four store perches in his life, i use natural perching for all my birds, even my little canary.
Thanks again Solace and Jenny for your comments.
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