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Please excuse the state of their aviary. These are pre-loved finches and their aviary was in need of a good scrubbing (as well as some perches and plants).

I'll definitely get some recent photos of their kitted out aviary. It is gorgeous now! It has native pot plants in the bottom (which they are desperately using to try and build a nest! :eek:) and some nice solid paperbark and bottlebrush branches as perches.

Allow me to introduce...

5 x Bengalese Finches - All named Biscotti

1 x Gouldian Finch (some sort of mutation) - Named Scraps

1 x Cut-throat Finch (male) - Named Viking
(The one with the "bloody" neck next to Scraps)

1 x Orange-breasted Waxbill (male) - Named Bamboo
(The tiny one on the left)

(Here you can see just how tiny he is between Viking and a Biscotti)

The lady didn't know what type of finches these were, but I'm pretty sure I've got it figured out. If I'm wrong, please let me know!

I am now looking for another Gouldian, a female Cut-throat and also a female Orange-breasted Waxbill. I might add another Bengalese to even out the numbers. :)

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They are lovely! I think you have them all sorted. finches are such nice birds to keep. We have 2 male zebras in the house. Now outside aviaries here in the northwest. I am jealous!
Zebra Finches are adorable! I love the little meep-meep sounds they make. :D

I love Finches & used to breed them...very nice. :)
Cool! What type of finches?

Beautiful, cute birds :biggrin5:
Thank you! :)

They are so cute :)
Thanks! :D

Very pretty! Bengalese are the same as Societies, correct? I love the fawn ones!
I think so. :S They look very similar, so I assume they're the same. :)

Nice finches, they are very cute and it looks like a very large avairy for them to fly in.
Thank you! I think their aviary measures 2m (w) x 1.5m (l) x 2m (h). :)
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