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Poor Nemo, Never Stood a Chance....

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[ame=""]YouTube - Poor Nemo, Never Stood A Chance....[/ame]

Yes he says random phrases, we can hear pretty boy and kissies but what do you hear?
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I almost think I heard a "that's a good boy!" and something else... haha! Too cute!! "pretty birdie"? it's so hard to tell without knowing what you say to them! :lol:
He picked up a few things we have never said to him and i think he is learning them from our neighbors trained conure, so no telling what he has picked up, we say pretty boey (not boy haha) and make clicking noises and kissy noises which we can hear in his mumbles...but we have no idea what else he is saying. I think i do tell him "what a good boy"
I thought I heard "wheres your key" around the 1:24 mark :confused:

It is passed midnight, so I could be loosing my mind :p
Oh how cute! :lovehearts:

I thought I heard him say "whatchu doin'?".
I heard him say different things! He's a pretty good talker! :) But poor Nemo... :p
:lol: I think he loves Nemo, he just can't understand why he's just lying there and not playing with him.:giggle:
That is one pretty budgie. Very cute video. I wish my birds would say a word or two.
Awwwe, Poor nemo, just wasn't ment to be.

He is quite the talker now isn't he. What a cutie pie. I might just have to come over and steal him.
Haha you can try but he prob wouldnt let you unless you took nemo or goofy hostage...
I heard "pretty bird" and "pretty boy". I also heard the "Where's your key?" at 1:24!

He's so pretty! :D
Wow now that you mention it, it totally sounds like that!!!

I dont think i have ever said that though...
I didn't understand a word he said but he is so cute! I love how he plays with Nemo :)
aw, he's so cute! And actually he looks a lot like my budgie, Zoot. :biggrin5:
Haha yes he loves Nemo and goofy, gotta get of video of that too!
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