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Potential Bird Plucking

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I am a bit concerned about my Pineapple GGC. Recently I think he has devoloped some plucking. Idk if this is something that needs action or I let my bird work itself out. I have ruled out disease because I have a Crimson Belly and it would have spread to him by now. I am not sure if he is stressed, because wouldn't they both be feeling stressed. They come out of the cage all the time, they only spend time in it to eat and sleep. I started to notice this like 5 days ago. Then again its just a few feathers that have seem to be gone. Maybe it will grow back. I am concerned and wanted to speak with someone who may be more knowledgable then me.
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That looks like my GCC, Orin.

You know there are some reasons for feather plucking like a lack of stimulation and a need for attention, anxiety, etc. We think ours does it because of a skin condition, maybe skin being too dry. It used to be ours only did it under her wings. But now she is missing feathers around her neck too.

There are some products for sale on Amazon that can help with feather plucking like AvianCalm. Look into It.
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