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Preferred pellet brand

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If you feed your parrots pellets, which brand(s) have you tried, and which do you (and your bird(ies)) prefer?

I've tried Harrison's organic pellets in the past, and none of my birds liked them really. I've also tried some of Harrison's other products, but again, none of my birds really went for them. :shrug: Considering the high cost of Harrison's-brand products, I didn't think it was worth it to keep trying.

When I adopted Harpo, Pretty Bird pellet was being mixed in with his Fruit Blend Zupreem, but I don't think he liked the Pretty Bird, so I stopped feeding that.
Then I eventually switched him to Zupreem Natural pellet, and he's been eating happily-ever-after since! I switched him to the Naturals because I didn't like the fact that his droppings were always red/orange with the fruit blend. The Natural pellet yields much more normal droppings.

So what's your experience with pellets? :)
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I put mine on Roudybush when I lived in Orlando - it's what we sold in our store and fed all our birds and it's what the breeder had Mizu on. I tried Harrison's because when I first moved to WPB I couldn't find a store that sold Roudybush and my birds didn't like it, which I found odd! So back to Roudybush they went!!

I don't have anyone on pure pellets anymore however. I found the Linnies were having problems with bulky dry poops (almost constipated!) on pure pellets and, after $300 in vet bills, we decided it was just the food so I give them 3/4 pellet, 1/4 seed.

My Severe eats Kaytee Exact pellets, same 3/4 pellet to seed ratio. I'm not sure if I like the rainbow pellets or how much he eats. I'm not going to change his diet until a good month after coming home so I don't stress him, but when he's fully settled in his diet is getting revamped :lol: When the time comes I'll probably be on here asking for help on what will be best! :p
All my fellas, except my Jenday, love the the Zupreem fruity pellets in the tiny Finch/ Canary size. I guess they like that they can peck them right up! I have tried them all too! My Jenday loves Roudybush med. size natural pellets. I also add Roudybush pellets to the birdy bread I bake each week.
I tried Totally Organic and my birds turned up their noses. So I bought Lafebers at the pet store and my budgies love them. My linnie could care less but I keep trying.
I use Roudybush pellets for all my birds. Crumble size for the Linnies and small and medium for the conures.
I have tried Hagen and zupreem pellets- i wanted to try some others, but many were out of my price range. My cockatiel wouldn't eat the hagen ones, and then i tried her on zupreem fruit blend in the cockatiel size- she would only eat the red and green ones! so i am too scared she won't eat if i try to swich her to something with less dyes, since its the more neutral colors she avoids- mostly the yellow, but also any beige pellets from the hagen i mixed in that remained. I now have her and my budgie on the parakeet size zupreem fruit blend, and besides the fact that all the yellows get left behind (wednesday seems to have passed her fear of yellow food onto Zoot) they seem to really love it.

anyone elses birds color biased? its really funny to see the usually rainbow mix only yellow right before i change the food!
:lol: I've tried quite a few in an effort to give them variety, but they turned their noses up at most. The most expensive were Harrison's, they threw them out of the dish :rofl:. I use Roudybush mini's and Zupreem natural on a regular basis, my tiel used to eat the Zupreem fruity too, but like Nick, I weaned her off them cause of the brightly coloured poops :yikes:, so she's on natural too now.
Ohhh they also love the Zupreem Avian Diet "Wild and Spicy".
Mine are on Zupreen fruity flavors, only problem is they pick out one color and leave the rest. No matter how hard I try I still have so much waste, with my seed and pellets. I used to put it out for the wildbirds (which I love) until I was infested with mice so I had to stop doing that.
My guys currently eat Zupreem naturals. I alternate between budgie and cockatiel size. They eat both and whichever I buy depends on what the pet store has when I buy it.

I tried the Hagen and Lafeber's but both birds ignored them. Harrisons is too expensive for me, and I haven't been able to find a place locally that sells Roudybush.

Jack came to me eating seeds, and I converted him over to the finch size Zupreem fruit blend within 2 weeks. Callie came to me eating the cockatiel size Zupreem fruit blend. I was concerned about the colored poops, and the fact that Callie never ate the banana shaped pellets, so I converted them both to the budgie size in the fruit, and then converted them both over to the natural. Callie actually prefers it, whereas Jack enjoys both. I still have some leftover fruit pellets and usually toss some in to birdie bread or every now and then hide it in Jack's foraging toys.

My guys eat a varied diet of fresh veggie mash, sprouts and seeds in addition to pellets.

I really like Zupreem as it is a decent brand, that is usually available in most petstores. It was important that the pellet brand I chose be easy to find if I ever had to move.
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We actually converted all our cockatiels and small birds in our store to the Roudybush Nibbles because they would only eat the yellow and green of the rainbow pellets! :lol: Lots of birds have a color preference with pellets, it seems! We get people in all the time griping about it!
Mine are eating Roudybush Nibbles too and they like them. I also give them a little Harrison's extra fine but they tend to eat it last if at all. It's too expensive to buy something they won't eat so that's the last bag of Harrison's.
I haven't seen the Zupreem natural here, I will look again. They also hate the rainbow pellets and I gave the last bag to the wild birds.. three them in the garden. Even the wild birds didn't seem to interested :lol:
When I started with pellets, I converted them to Nutribird. They didn't really liked that, but they all ate it, except for Joey. Because Joey didn't ate the pellets, I bought another brand, Harrison's. They all ate it, and liked it! Now the Harrison pellets became more expensive, and I can't afford them anymore (the prize raised with 17% :eek: ).. They are now eating EcoBird, which they don't really like, but don't hate either. :giggle: They probably just have to get used to it.
I'm not familiar with Ecobird or what brands are carried in the Netherlands, but Roudybush is the closest thing to Harrison's I've been able to find and most birds who were/are on Harrison's seem to like it!
I've never heard of it.. Ecobird is a very good brand too, and I know a lot of people giving it to their birds. It's probably not better then Harrison's, but for what I know it's close :) It's the second day I give them Ecobird, and they all eat it very well. But they do not like it as much as Harrison's :p
Haha, they know you're giving them the cheap stuff! :p :rofl: My birds seem to know the price tag on the things I give them and will react accordingly! :lol:
Oh no, they do! :rofl: And I didn't even showed them the packaging! :lol:
I've always wanted to try Harrisons, I've heard good things about it. :)

But, I can't find it in any pet stores in my area. So, all of my fids eat Zupreem fruit blend. :D
Both my budgie and parrotlet eat Zupreem fruity pellets mixed with their seed ... I also feed a wide variety of veggies and Beak Appetiti cooked food. I mix in a few hemp seeds and or a few bits of minced nuts and or a bit of egg food crumble once in a while. I have never had a problem with rainbow poops. They eat so much beak appetit and veggies there poop is always a dark spinach kinda green. They will not eat large pellets so I feed the canary/finch size. I also feed sprouted seeds most of the time. ( my birds seem tired of them right now so have stopped sprouting for a week or so .)
I use zupreem for all the birds except the lories. I use the fruity for everyone but the tiels they get the natural when they got the fruity they never ate the bananas.

I would love to feed roudybush but it is to pricey for me.

I like the zupreem lory pellets but I have a hard time finding them so I use pretty bird.
zupreem fruit blend :)
mine love it when they are wet
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