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Progress with Sid!

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A little bit before I joined this board Sid began to let me rub his head through his cage bars (He's super cage aggressive, and has some deep rooted trust issues). For the past few days he's been asking for the rubs! Also, if he's out of his cage, he will not let you touch his back or wings. For the past couple of days he's been turning around during his head rubs and pressing his side against the cage bars so I can rub his wing as well! I'm so excited that he seems to be coming around a bit. Progress was painfully slow for over a year, now it seems to be picking up speed. He still leans over and makes like he's going to bite, but, he's moving much slower when he does this now. Almost like it's just for show. Very encouraging :biggrin5:
Here is our Sid :lovehearts:
Hmmm... I don't know about this....

Well, okay. Maybe they're not here to kill me...

Nope. That's enough. The paparazzi have been asked to cease and desist.
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Congrats! :) I hope he continues to gain trust in you! :)
Thank you, me too! It's hard to remember to go at his pace when we have a good day... I don't want to go too fast and cause a backslide... but... I want him hurry up and realize we're not going to return him or hurt him or anything :)
Oh, thats great news! I'm so happy he's opening up! :lovehearts:
It's such a relief. This probably sounds silly to everyone, except possibly other bird people, but, it's sort of hard to not take it personally and feel rejected when he's clammed up heh
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