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A few weeks ago we got a baby Quaker Parrot. He is only a few months old. He is very cute and adorable when he is out of his cage. He does go on my shoulder and crawl on my hand once he is out of the cage.
However I have a difficult time taking him in and out of his cage. I always have to ask my husband to help me , because he just has the tricks that works for him.
He recommends that I take the bird out for an hour, but if the bird doesn't want to come out and I don't force it, will my bird appreciate that? I do talk to him at his cage and give him treats and I leave the cage open incase he chooses to come out on his own, but when he really doesn't want to come out he does tell me. Also I have a difficult time trying to do the step up on my hand to take him out of the cage. Even if he is at his perch I have trouble with it. How can I let him get comfortable with my hands and also I would like to learn avoid getting bit as much as possible. I just don't want my bird to hate me and love my husband too much. I do try to put my hands in front of him gently but he always tried to bite my finger as a painful territorial bite or food response verses a gripping bite which doesn't hurt at all. Eventually I would like him to be able to take him out of his cage by myself once I've figured out my way of doing it but I feel like with me I need to take things more slowly with him. I want the bird to see that I'm not a threat.

I also have never owned animals before and my husband has. I am really happy to have a bird to take care of, but it's also been an emotional few weeks for me. I love my bird dearly and he is a sweetheart when he wants to be.

I have autism and anxiety, so I take longer to learn certain things. I want to be able to gain my bird's trust, but I don't feel confident as I fear that it will bite me or I fear that I'm approaching the bird awkwardly because of just how my brain works and does things.
I want to learn how to be consistent, and my husband knows how to be consistent but he is doing things that I am still trying to learn and figure out.

What are some other very simple ways I can gain my bird's trust that don't involve him always having him to come out of his cage if he doesn't want to?

Or does anyone have some simple techniques to help them get out of the cage if I need more practice doing the step up thing?
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