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Back in 2019 I posted a thread saying I HATE ROBINS ... at 3:30am or O'dark'thirty as I call it, there was an annoying robin singing his heart out while trying to snag him a new Mrs. He was a failure.


Rudy probably found a new mate in 2019 because I'm sure he & the new Mrs created a clutch of big mouth robins who take after Rudy vocally because 2020 I had more late night early morning arguments with a loud mouth robin then I care to remember. 2020 - RUDY IS A JERK Part #2

2021 Rudy was back .... Rudy or one of his loud mouth schnook boids all grown up and keeping up with the robin grapevine with calls in the weirdest hours of the night and morning. ANNOYING RUDY Part #3.

Welcome 2022 ... I was trying to sleep at 1:am and I lay there listening to Rudy or one of Rudy's many kids or grand kids singing and annoying me to no end. I chuckled and remembered these threads from years back and thought I should update the story and tell you Rudy and his family have survived Covid ... but this robin who sang last night was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY behind schedule. I have heard tons of birds calling and getting settled in making nests and creating lots of little boids the last few months but this ''RUDY'' is way late to the party.

Its the end of May now and the other Rudy's started their annoying songs well into the earlier months around March.

Perhaps the Rudy Robins were in lock down somewhere in the USA and couldn't cross the border? WHO KNOWS?

Well ... in the meantime this is me in the morning when the Rudy shenanigans start up .....

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