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salt and pepper babies

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here are the chicks from salt and peppers latest clutch

Bird Cockatiel Beak Pet supply Parrot

Cockatiel Bird Eye Cockatoo Parrot

Bird Beak Animal feed Feather Wood

Ingredient Wood Cuisine Dish Beige

Bird Wood Fawn Comfort Tail

Wood Fawn Floor Rodent Flooring

Wood Flooring Road surface Soil Grass

Bird Hand Beak Feather Chicken

Bird Hand Chicken Finger Beak
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I love baby birds they are so cute. Though my non bird friends think I am crazy.
lol Carol, I know what you mean, but I think they're cute too, :p
Congrats, Allen, they're adorable :lovehearts:
Very cute parents, babies and names. But then I have a Sugar and Spice. :lol:
Awww, they are so lovely! Thinking of getting a tiel for companion bird for my lovie but first QT, then separate cages and lotsa handling of both birds separating. Anyone had a female lovie and tiel as friends before? Any advice deeping appreciated!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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